Video surveillance systems, out of all technical protection systems, have achieved the greatest technological progress in the last ten years. Large development of IT industry and network communication resulted in creation of network cameras and integral digital concept, that due to fantastic performance ( outstanding image quality , high recording speed and excellent integration abilities) are setting standards in the area of video surveillance systems. By representing large companies like: Sony, Milestone Systems, Videotec, Dallmeier, Geutebrück, Videocomponents, Mitsubishi Electric and IFS we keep pace with the latest world market trends.

Cameras are the first and very important link in the chain of video surveillance. The quality of optics and CCD chip based sensor technology and digital processing of video signal within the camera itself largely affect video signal quality. A wide range of analog and digital cameras, and supreme SONY technology guarantee custom made optimal solutions with outstanding technical performance. A large tecnological expansion has resulted in creation of new, multi-functional cameras with great operational abilities. They are network PTZ cameras with an embedded web server, meaning they can be controlled via standard Internet browsers. However,in order to fully exploit their potential, special software applications for data storage and control are required . These applications are based on client server architecture which fullfills all requirements for creating a professional video surveillance system.

Emergence of digital cameras led to higher video recording quality, since there are no losses over transmission channels which is the case with analog cameras. Unlike analog cameras, a digital signal from camera is, in digital form, transmitted to a recording system also based on digital technology. All parameters can also be controlled over a network and thus they can be changed 'on-line', manually or automatically, and camera features can be adjusted for different situations (switching to black and white mode, camera exposure corrections, contrast, sensitivity, background light compensation, resolution modification, compression...)

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