Exterior perimeter protection and protected area entrance detection implies the use of infrared and microwave barriers, sensor detection cables laid into ground or positioned on the fence, and video surveillance with motion detection.

The microwave barriers are realized by two parabolic antennas; the transmitting and the receiving one, installed facing each other and thus creating the protected area the dimension of which depends on the type of the antenna, the spacing between the heads and the adjusted sensitivity. They are designed for exterior use in all weather conditions. Sensitivity and system connection alarming in case of incapacitation has been installed. More advanced versions of microwave barriers ensure variation of the type of the ellipsoids between the receiving and transmitting barriers as well as sensitivity adjustment regarding boundary fields of the radiation curve (FSTD - Fuzzy Side Target Discrimination). This reduces considerably the occurrence of false alarms, which are caused by permanent interferences at boundaries of radiation fields (vegetation, metal fence, etc.).

The signal from the microwave barriers also merges with the video surveillance network system by means of the network input-output module, but there is also a possibility of signal transmission by means of a radio-frequency module, which can result in considerable savings in cabling.

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