HRS - Parking Sphere is a software used for license plate recognition (LPR) and management of the acquired data. The first step in the process of recognition is car detection which leads to excitement of alarm input of I/O module with a signal generated by the inductive loop which triggers the recognition process of images obtained from an LPR camera.

After performing the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) licence plate analysis and comparing the obtained results to the existing records in the database, an automatic barrier opening can be executed via I/O module if the recognized car is authorized to enter ( access authority level, entry time limit...) or the operator is alarmed in case of any irregularity (records missing from the database, wrong readings due to damaged license plate etc.).

The system can store multiple verification images together with license plate image (e.g. car verification image was taken from a different viewing angle, in colour, since the LPR camera is a high-contrast black and white camera primarily focused on the plate). In this way complete vehicle information is retrieved when entering a secured area.

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