All technical protection systems can be integrated into one central control system. Every element of a particular technical protection system (fire detection, anti-burglary, video surveillance, access control) is connected to central devices, which are connected via corresponding network device (gateway) to the central PC. It provides us with graphic information on status of every particular system.

Central control and monitoring of building automation controls and monitors the subsystems that are characteristic for every single object. During this process information is being acquired and processed. Based on this, necessary actions are being taken, while data is being archived and visualised according to user's requirements. Thermotechnical-thermoengineering (heating and cooling stations, air conditioning and ventilation chambers, fan coil units, etc.) and electrical-engineering (control and monitoring of electrical distribution switchboards, lighting, generators, UPS (uninterruptible power supply), elevators, alarms and statuses, malfunctions, etc. ) are groups of systems which are most often subjected to automation. In this field of work Tehnomobil uses the equipment of Trend Control Systems Ltd., the UK's leading manufacturer of building automation systems. In their line of products, the IQ3xcite, an innovative and reliable regulator of various building automation systems, stands out.

Duty nurse stuff is allowed to quick response and quality care of patients by nurse call system. With this system, security concept gets better and takes professionalization in health organizations to higher level.

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