The latest generation of intelligent microprocessor detectors from Esser and Siemens Building Technologies, is a result of a longterm development and therefore provides an example of excellence in integration of the state of the art technological achievements. Special attention is dedicated to design, that is focused on multifunctionality and long duration, while incorporating the latest trends of construction technology at the same time. Fire protection and construction technology are now clearly merged creating a harmonic symbiosis.

Fire detection systems should be able to detect a fire as early as possible in order to enable a timely reaction, and therefore reduce the damage to the minimum extent possible. If an incident occurs, every delay in reaction time can produce immeasurable consequences to fire protection of premises such as server rooms, laboratories, archive rooms etc. Therefore, a fire extinguishing system is the logical upgrade to the fire detection system, provided it is highly reliable. This implies application of interactive detectors, which meet the requirements of the strict safety standards (VdS). An unstable and unreliable detection system can, during a false alarm, unnecessarily activate the fire extinguishing system.

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