Intrusion detection systems are a very delicate part of our comprehensive technical protection concept. Therefore our activities are based on complex consideration of problems of integral persons and assets protection through improvement of preventive measures, eliminating estimated threat sources and extreme danger. Finally it results in optimal custom designed technical protection system. In the area of intrusion detection we represent world's leading technical protection companies: Esser and Siemens Security Systems and Pyronix, a company specialized in protection of small, medium and residential facilities.

Network oriented NAC-1001 (Network Alarm Communicator) is a TCP/IP alarm communicator and protocol converter. It receives 'classic' alarm protocols from the alarm control panel (Contact ID). These protocols are used for communication via telephone lines and their conversion into a secure TCP/IP communication via Frame relay, leased lines, modem, ISDN, GPS, GPRS, satellite or any other communication channel that can transmit TCP/IP protocol.

Exterior perimeter protection and protected area entrance detection implies the use of infrared and microwave barriers, sensor detection cables laid into ground or positioned on the fence, and video surveillance with motion detection.

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