Fire detection systems should be able to detect a fire as early as possible in order to enable a timely reaction, and therefore reduce the damage to the minimum extent possible. If an incident occurs, every delay in reaction time can produce immeasurable consequences to fire protection of premises such as server rooms, laboratories, archive rooms etc. Therefore, a fire extinguishing system is a logical upgrade to the fire detection system, provided it is highly reliable. This implies application of interactive detectors, which meet the requirements of the strict safety standards (VdS). An unstable and unreliable detection system can, during a false alarm, unnecessarily trigger the fire extinguishing system.

A high-pressure fire extinguishing system based on the FM200 gas is extremely fast and efficient. Unlike the older generation of high-pressure systems (halon), which were environmentally unacceptable due to the damaging effects on the ozone layer, the equally efficient FM200 gas poses no danger to humans or the environment. Numerous tests in various laboratories have shown that the FM200 system can extinguish a fire whithin 20 seconds after the process has been actuated. Conventional fire extinguishing systems are used in rooms up to 4 metres high, while FM200-based systems retain full efficiency in rooms up to 5 metres high.

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