All technical protection systems can be integrated into one central control system. Every element of a particular technical protection system (fire detection, anti-burglary, video surveillance, access control) is connected to central devices, which are connected via corresponding network device (gateway) to the central PC. It provides us with graphic information on status of every particular system. In case of alarm or some other detected irregularity ground plan image appears on screen. This enables us to clearly determine the exact level and room in which the alarm has been generated as well as the detector that triggered the alarm or the malfunctioning one etc. It is important to emphasize that these kinds of central monitoring systems have a two-way communication, meaning that other than various data acquisition (alarm, pre-alarm, system error detection etc.), control is also enabled (confirming and resetting initiated events, performing turning on and off of sections, zones, elements, etc.).

In this way, the advantages of modern PC based approach are ideally combined with the specific requirements of integrated technical protection systems. Local system units ( e.g. systems of a single building) can be connected to the central monitoring station via RS-232, LAN; remote units ( e.g. between two cities ) can connect via WAN. The standard TCP/IP protocol is supported, and the central monitoring application is based on Windows NT/2000 Operating System. Standard hardware of the central unit is based on modular software, which is easy to adapt to user's requirements, and via open protocol a connection with the third systems can be established.

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