Video surveillance systems, out of all technical protection systems, have achieved the greatest technological progress in the last ten years. Large development of IT industry and network communication resulted in creation of network cameras and integral digital concept, that due to fantastic performance ( outstanding image quality , high recording speed and excellent integration abilities) are setting standards in the area of video surveillance systems. By representing large companies like: Sony, Milestone Systems, Videotec, Dallmeier, Geutebrück, Videocomponents, Mitsubishi Electric and IFS we keep pace with the latest world market trends.

Development of communication technology and expanding popularity of Internet has opened a new possibility of multimedia promotion of marinas, hotels, tourist centers and towns by using SONY digital network cameras (web attraction). It is enough to place a camera at an attractive location and ensure a communication link (ISDN, ADSL, GPRS etc.), and after that it can be set to automatically send images to a predefined web site (of a marina, hotel, town or tourist board) in certain time intervals.

HRS - Parking Sphere is a software used for license plate recognition (LPR) and management of the acquired data. The first step in the process of recognition is car detection which leads to excitement of alarm input of I/O module with a signal generated by the inductive loop which triggers the recognition process of images obtained from an LPR camera.

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