The latest generation of intelligent microprocessor detectors from Esser and Siemens Building Technologies, is a result of a longterm development and therefore provides an example of excellence in integration of the state of the art technological achievements. Special attention is dedicated to design, that is focused on multifunctionality and long duration, while incorporating the latest trends of construction technology at the same time. Fire protection and construction technology are now visibly merged creating a harmonic symbiosis.

The perfect arrangment of all components of the latest IQ8Quad detector from Esser, has resulted in a flat and elegantly designed housing, which aestheticallly fits into different interiors. Enlarged detection chamber enables the integration of the latest sensor technologies. Important characteristic of this system is multifunctionality, meaning that it incorporates detection, optical alarm (flashers) and acoustic alarm (sirens) functions which in the past required three separate housings.

There are detectors for special applications: linear smoke detectors, air sampling fire detectors, flame detectors, wireless radio detectors, special detectors for explosive spaces and linear heat detectors (FibroLaser II) for tunnel application.

'Fibro Laser II' is based on a fiber optic cable, and is distinguished by an explicitly linear detection function across the entire monitored area. The system is based on very sophisticated control electronics with a pulse laser source and an extremely rugged sensor technology. Modulated laser light from the main controller (OTS) is being shone into the optical cable.

By measuring the propagation time between the transmitted and received light pulse which occured as a product of dispersion on a heat activated part of the cable, we can determine the distance of the incident. Very important characteristic of this system is early fire detection within 3 -4 meters, even in conditions of strong air flows. Fiber optic sensor cable is highly immune to atmospheric conditions ( humidity, corrosion, electromagnetic interference ) and therefore is especially suitable for application in railway tunnels with large amounts of electromagnetic discharge. Linear heat detection system can also be efficiently applied in industrial cable traces monitoring and in temperature monitoring of floating roof tanks that contain flammable substances ( oil, chemical industry, etc.).

Esser fire alarm system has a very important feature, and that is power and alarm data distribution through the same EsserbusPlus loop. This means that beside detectors, sirens and input/output modules can be installed on the loop as well.

A very important segment of fire detection system is the control unit. It performs a complete microprocessor analysis and detector signal processing, and generates an alarm signal if deviations of a normal state ocurr. Fire detection system elements are controlled via keyboard connected to the control unit and in this way we can obtain an audio visual display of the system status. The control unit can be integrated with the fire extinguishing (FM200, sprinkler), gas detection and other engineering systems. There is a possibility of network integration of the fire detection system into the central monitoring system together with anti-burglary and video surveillance systems.

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