Network oriented NAC-1001 (Network Alarm Communicator) is a TCP/IP alarm communicator and protocol converter. It receives 'classic' alarm protocols from the alarm control panel (Contact ID). These protocols are used for communication via telephone lines and their conversion into a secure TCP/IP communication via Frame relay, leased lines, modem, ISDN, GPS, GPRS, satellite or any other communication channel that can transmit TCP/IP protocol.

In case of sabotage of alarm control panels (cutting or malfunction of telephone lines) in various facilities that are connected to the alarm centers of security agencies, the alarm center will not receive information about facility communication loss in time and won't be able to promptly react to a potential incident. Thus, there is a need for a device that would detect such activities and alert the alarm center about communication loss.

Thanks to the NAC-u 1001, connection to the center is constantly being checked through the corresponding network infrastructure (corporative network of a bank, of a post ...). In case of communication loss over the transmission channel, attempt to restore communication with the alarm center of a security agency will be made through secondary connection (e.g. GPRS or a telephone line). If the connection fails an intervention unit will be sent to the incident location in order to secure the facility.

The device is compatible with all types of alarm control panels using Contact ID communication format. In this way significant savings can be made since there is no need to replace the existing control panels in facilities. The device also doesn't require any additional preliminary work and therefore its installation is extremely simplified. Software for communication with network alarm communicators supports multithread communication technology which enables simultaneous control of large number of devices. The system is compatible with the majority of control programs in alarm centers so there is no need for acquisition of additional hardware and software in order to function properly, or for additional personnel training.

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