The key of present-day comprehensive security solutions in facilities with a large transit of people or goods is a multidisciplinary concept of technical protection. Rapiscan Systems, the world's leading manufacturer of specialized solutions for baggage and cargo inspection, is the only company offering a full range of top quality devices based on three different scanning technologies: X-ray and Gamma-ray imaging and neutron analysis. Our products range from walk through metal detectors, baggage and parcel inspection devices to the biggest devices, fixed or mobile, used for inspection of vehicles, containers and other cargo types of all sizes. Through its partners, Rapiscan Systems provides complete custom designed solutions and proffessional technical support to the customers all over the world.

Thanks to the experience of over 40 years in research, development and production of metal detectors, Metor line of products has set standards for this industry. Superior quality has been proven by customers who have used these devices for more than 20 years without any malfunction. Rapiscan Systems provides metal detector gates for indoor and outdoor use, specially designed high sensitivity models, as well as extremely light hand-held detectors. Program support enables the connection of devices into a local network (LAN) and their management from a remote location. The development of the latest device, the Rapiscan Secure 1000, has brought people screening to a higher level. It is based on ''backscatter'' imaging technology which enables visual detection of all items in clothing or on the body of the person being screened.

Wide range of imaging devices provides solutions for baggage and parcel inspection even in the smallest passages and hallways, while devices with capability to inspect the largest parcels and cargo have been developed for larger facilities. The latest software support provides special personnel training programs, advanced automatic detection methods and centralization of all units. Lately, special attention has been given to CT (Computed Tomography) imaging devices, which provide a three-dimensional display of a scanned object regardless of its position.

Rapiscan Systems has developed a special line of products for sea and road border crossings, which, beside high imaging performance, enable complete inspection of cargo containers and vehicles of all sizes.

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