Access control systems often occur as an independent concept or as a part of a comprehensive technical protection concept. In many cases access control systems are combined with time and attendance systems in order to be used for paycheck calculation and monitoring of employee activities. These systems often need to be adjusted according to some of the existing standards (SAP). We represent Primion and Bewator and therefore can provide custom designed systems. All systems are modular and network oriented with outstanding integration possibilities.

Access control system is applied in areas that require limited access of unauthorized persons to certain premises and analysis of entries/exits to/from certain areas. This analysis can be used for paycheck calculation in time and attendance systems. Contactless card readers are mostly used in present day, while in areas that require a higher security level, a combination of a reader and a keyboard or a biometric reader is used: after a successful card authorization a pincode will be required or the authorization process will be done by a certain biometric method (fingerprint, eye-scan (iris) etc.). Combination of contactless cards and smart chip technology enables additonal security level and integration into IT sphere, and the existing card can be used for PC authorization, digital document and e-mail signing, data encryption etc. The science of cryptography has developed systems which enable digital message signing (functions in the same way as traditional signature) and creation of digital certificates,.while systems like public key infrastructure (PKI) ensure their transparent use.

Access control and authorization can be applied to vehicles with special active elements (tags) attached to their bodies. The card communicates with the reader in the same way as the classic active card does, and the reader is an inductive loop embedded in the road's surface. The application possibilites of this system are numerous: complex authorized parking systems, vehicle passage control in combination with a barrier, parking payment systems etc.

Time and attendance system enables automated recording and calculation of hours worked. In order to install this system we tend to create a modern and sophisticated solution which will satisfy customer's needs for functionality and possibility of expansion and networking. Access control and arrival/departure data acquisition enable monitoring and planning of day-long absences and a great number of subsequent reportings. The system can be easily upgraded with a certified interface for automated and direct transmission of work time logs into SAP R/3 HR.

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